To be successful at sea, we must keep things simple.

- R. D. (Pete) Culler


Navigational Aids

Buoys, storm warnings, daymarks, information and regulatory markers published by INAMAR Recreational Marine Insurance.




Memory Aids

DEMODS - Marker numbers DEcrease MOving Down Stream.  

As you enter a tributary from the main body of water and start downstream toward a marina, the marker numbers will decrease.

When returning to a harbor remember to keep the red markers ("nuns") to your starboard side (i.e. right side).

Remember the expression:  "Red, Right, Returning."

When leaving a harbor remember to keep the red markers ("nuns") to your port side (i.e. left side).

Remember the expression:  "Red, Left, Leaving."

"Nuns" are red and are assigned even numbers.  

Remember the expressions:  "Even nuns see red when they are mad" and "You'll never see a nun 69."

"Cans" are green and are assigned odd numbers. 

Think of a can of green beans to remember the color.


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